Saturday, November 5, 2016


At long last NEW PLEASURES is in print! While I'm having trouble getting the soft cover version loaded onto Amazon, that's just a temporary blip. Regardless. they are available here on my website via PayPal at an attractive price. We can sell it cheaper here since Amazon doesn't take a piece of it. 


Mr. Darcy has long been every woman’s ideal. Darkly handsome, he is a gentleman of vast wealth and exceptional leg.  His virility, whilst of considerable note, is not what invites our adoration.  His true allure is his all-encompassing love for his wife. Indeed, Elizabeth and Darcy’s passion for each other remains steadfast.

My last book ended with the death of King George and thus Regency England. In this my fourth book about the Darcys,  New Pleasures begins twenty years into the future. The Darcys' love is boundless, but their happiness is tested.  Indeed, theirs is an ordeal familiar to parents through the ages. Their offspring have come of age and are eager to pursue their own love affairs.

Moreover, Elizabeth Darcy, the Mistress of Pemberley, has been overtaken by a peculiar malaise. Her disorder has the entire family in a state of agitation.  Darcy is particularly uneasy.  Hence, when he learns that his son engaged in a flirtation with a village wench, he reproves him a tad too vehemently.
His pride injured, son Geoff flings himself headlong down Calamity Road–in the company of George Wickham’s son.         


Jaby said...

Hello, I don't see anywhere on your site where I can purchase the print version of New Pleasures and Amazon still does not have it.

Linda Berdoll said...

On the home page, below image of New Pleasures, is a button that says "Order Now". Click there and it will take you to the purchase New Pleasures page. Shopping cart is at t he bottom of that page.


jill2018 said...

As a Jane Austen fan, Pride & Prejudice being my all time favorite, your imaginative continuance of life after marriage for Elizabeth and Darcy is a most enjoyable experience. My first introduction was via with Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife and I have read the following two sequels with great satisfaction. Looking forward to purchasing New Pleasures this evening.

Will books 2-4 be released in Audible form?


Ivana said...

Salve,sono un’ammiratrice italiana di Orgoglio e Pregiudizio.Mi piacerebbe tantissimo leggere i libri della signora Berdoll in italiano...è possibile?grazie

Linda Berdoll said...

Ivana asked: Hi, I'm an Italian fan of Pride and Prejudice. I'd love to read Mrs. Berdoll's books in Italian ... is it possible? Thanks

Hmmm. I have rethought your question, Ivana.

Sourcebooks published "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife" and "Darcy & Elizabeth". We will have to direct foreign language requests for those books to them. However, "The Ruling Passion" and "New Pleasures" would be doable in e-book form should enough interest be aroused.