Monday, July 7, 2008

The Ruling Passion

It is really encouraging to hear from readers who want to read more of my personal take on Darcy & Elizabeth's story. We hope to have my third continuation, The Ruling Passion, out next year. Sometimes, however, the publishing business moves with all the grace and speed of a pregnant elephant. I'll certainly keep you abreast of any movement towards a publication date.

Note to Rebecca Francois: I thank you for your kind corrections. They should have been caught by my editors. (They probably should have been caught by me as well, but when one has the opportunity to blame others for something, it is a comfort to do so.) If my story ventures into France (it doesn't at this time, but truth is once I get started there's no telling where it'll go), I'll certainly know who to ask for any particulars.

Fandango is now in the hands of my publisher. Perhaps some readers might enjoy that in the interim. As soon as I know anything about publication dates, I'll post them.

It is a pleasure to hear from you all.

Linda Berdoll