Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Ruling Passion Availability

We will make The Ruling Passion and Fandango in Ebook form. It will also be sold through Amazon and B&N. Although I can't give an exact date, we hope to have them well in place before Christmas. My website can now accommodate overseas and Canadian sales.

I will be signing books at Bookpeople in Austin 7pm November 23. Bookpeople now carry Fandango and should have The Ruling Passion on their shelves by the end of this week (Nov 18).

I would love to have a chance to chat in person.


Anonymous said...

Will it be coming out in nook format too???? Please????

amandajo said...

Can we get it yet? If we order it from www.lindaberdoll.us when does it ship?


Leslie said...

Dear Linda,
After the 1996 A&E production of P&P, I read The Bar Sinister, and it was and still is, to my mind, the definitive P&P Sequel -- and I've read countless sequels, some very good.

I didn't realize you had written a third book. I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle and have just devoured it. What a good read! It's a wonderfully thick book, but still not long enough!

My reaction to The Ruling Passion was that either your writing had matured since your first book, or the characters had matured, I'm not sure, but it was the best of the three, IMHP.

I had thought perhaps Juliette might, in her desperation, end up traveling to Pemberley to try to confront and capture Darcy, find him still away, and end up confronting Elizabeth. That would be a great scene, if you ever decide to use it.

The best thing about your books, besides the wonderful plot lines, is the perfectly captured dynamic between D&E, along with the witty dialog displayed by their distinct personalities.
Please keep writing. I hope there is a fourth!
Kind regards,

"Imbecility in females is a great enhancement of their personal charms" - Jane Austen