Monday, November 28, 2011

Amazon Availability

Amazon is now taking orders for The Ruling Passion. We will make it available on Kindle. Other E-book versions are being looked at.

As for those purchased through our website, they are sent out within 24 hours (excluding weekends). I'm happy to autograph and or/ inscribe copies of The Ruling Passion and Fandango. It is possible to make that designation when purchasing, or send me a separate email.

Thanks so much for your kind words!



Ken said...

Do you have a time frame when your book will be available on the Kindle?

GranJan said...
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GranJan said...

How exciting to have a book that keeps selling out!! I've no doubt it is richly deserved because your first two were excellent - we have 2 sets of hardbacks and some as ebooks in our little reading circle! I'm waiting for the Amazon gift certificates I receive every Christmas and yours goes to the top of the list for sure! Best wishes to you - and thanks for writing book 3 - I just know it will be worth the wait.

My Fantasy said...


I have loved Pride and Prejudice for years, over 20 and I read your book, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife.

I being a person of romance has always felt that Mr. Darcy SAVED HIMSELF FOR ELIZABETH. He was a man of integrity and a TRUE gentleman.

You and this new wave of thinking RUINED PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

Darcy is no longer the man we loved him to be, but a man that ruined himself BEFORE he met Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy is no longer a gentleman and no longer has integrity.

SHAME ON YOU for ruining one of the best romances ever written.

Jane Austen would be ashamed of you as any true Jane Austen fans would be ashamed of what you have written. You disgraced Mr. Darcy. I could understand you speaking ill of Wickham but speaking ill of Mr. Darcy, you ruined him. You ruined who he stood for, and stood for until you wrote this nonsense.

How disgusting. I wish Jane Austen was still alive so she could sue you for defamation of her characters.

Linda Berdoll said...

Dear Unknown:

Whether Mr. Darcy was a twenty-eight year-old virgin or not is open to interpretation. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If it makes you happy to believe that Darcy “saved himself” for Elizabeth, fine by me. I do not believe that anyone (you, me, or the hundred other JA sequelists) can claim to speak unequivocally for Jane Austen.

To my mind, Darcy did save himself for Elizabeth. He gave her his heart – a far more treasured gift than his...virginity. My Mr. Darcy is a man of integrity as well as passion and a “true” gentleman. When he gave love, he did so exclusively and completely. Darcy is not perfect. He is a man, flaws and all. His imperfections are what make us love him all the more.

I am troubled that your sensibilities are so fragile that you have allowed another person's vision of Mr. Darcy to "ruin Pride & Prejudice" for you. I should think that a belief in Mr. Darcy and a love of Pride & Prejudice so true as yours would not be so easily rattled. I certainly have not allowed your rather intolerant interpretations to ruin mine.

Mr. Darcy’s past left him neither ruined nor disgraced. Shame and disgust are all yours.

Yours truly,
Linda Berdoll

My Fantasy said...

Mr. Darcy would never open himself up for such a scandal as you have mentioned in your book. He was weary of scandals, and considering back then, they did not have any form of birth control. He would not have had sex as frequently as you would like him to have. That would put him in a scandal, and he avoided scandals as much as possible.

Jane Austen would also not speak of a guys penis either, she would if anything avoid that kind of conversation all together. I am sure being in the early stages of a honeymoon they did want to be with each other a lot, and that part I agree upon. I do not know what you did, but having a thesaurus by you and having all the words that could be used for penis, was completely unnecessary and also spoiled it as well. There is many things you could have done differently to make this book better.

Mr. Darcy for one would never have no matter how enticing the young lady would be, would have fired that young promiscuous lady and turned from his room, having her escorted from the premises. He would never have engaged in such an act, especially with a woman whom he knew slept with every man in the house, including Wickham.

I love Pride and Prejudice, it is one of the best romance novels ever written. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are complex characters, but Mr. Darcy full of pride would have never indulged in such scandalous acts. Elizabeth full of prejudice was very judgmental and I am sure, because of who she is, she would not have liked Mr. Darcy if he was so acted so frivolously with other women. It was his reserve that spoke to her, and tempted her. A woman never tempted Mr. Darcy because he thought of them as creatures that wanted money, and based their opinions on men so freely. It was Elizabeth's reserve that spoke to him, and brought him near.
Mr. Darcy would never have brought himself to have sex with another woman for fear that she would get pregnant, he would never do that. it was proven he would never do such an act, by Jane Austen writing about his sister Georgiana's scandal, and him having to keep it hidden. It was proven once again, by him paying for Wickham to get married, so he could marry Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy unlike Wickham avoided scandals, therefore he would never engage in such acts.

Thank you for replying, but in reading your book, I find you never actually understand Mr. Darcy and what Pride and Prejudice is truly about. Everyone does have their own interpretations, but unfortunately your interpretation of P&P is far off the mark, especially since it is full of scandals, that Mr. Darcy would never partake.

Linda Berdoll said...
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Linda Berdoll said...

Indeed, the passionate Mr. Darcy of my books abhorred (even agonized over) the possibility of scandal besmirching the Darcy name. He didn’t jaunt from bed to bed (although plenty of men of his class did). Until Elizabeth, he was leery of all women and considered his earlier lack of self-control a personal failing. In my books, Mr. Darcy never behaved frivolously. His pride would never allow it.

Of course Jane Austen wouldn’t speak of a guy’s penis. She wrote only of what she, as a maiden, would have been privy to. I do not believe she even wrote of a conversation that took place only among men.

The euphemisms I employed in referring to Mr. Darcy’s penis were the result of extensive and duteous research. (I don’t know about yours, but my thesaurus does not contain “purple-helmeted warrior of love”.) As it was unapparent to you, let me explain that these euphemisms were meant as jocularities. I’m sorry you were unamused.

IMO, Darcy’s outrage over Wickham’s attempted seduction of Georgiana proved only that Darcy was exceedingly protective of her. He may have wanted to avert a scandal, but his primary aim was to protect his sister’s sensibilities, not just her name.

I repeat my initial comments. Your remarks are only opinions. You have yours, I have mine.

spilled flour said...

I have purchased the book from the publisher....I have not received an email saying it was sent...I purchased it on January 6, 2012...Who would I contact about this? Thanks Kim

PS: I think "UNKNOWN" needs serious help in the reality department....Mr. Darcy is a fictional character and is open to the readers interpretations. I love Mr Darcy takes a wife and is my constant companion when I travel.....

MTblondie said...

i love your books! what "unknown" said was rediculus! everyone can have their own opinion and version of what they think happened.
i have a problem though! i cant find the book @ B&N stores! yeah its on the nook but i don't have one nor do i want one. i want to hold the book in my hands!! PLEASE PLEASE!! when is it going to come out in stores! i have no way of ordering it online or i would have and amazons ALWAYS OUT! i'm waiting (not so patently) for it! i'm sure the ppl at the store are sick of me by now but i can't help it! please i REALLY REALLY WANT IT! any ifno would be really appriceated! and like others i am hopeing & praying you will be writing more about D&E in many many more books written by you for all of your advid readers! again any info would be greatly appriceated! or i will try to find a way to order it online. please help me! i'm going crazy trying to find the book!

Asha said...


I have a kindle version of The Ruling Passion. Read it a few times already and needless to say i love it.
I have one complaint though, I wanted Juliette to understand/see/know darcy's love and passion for Elizabeth. I hate to think that she still believes darcy declined her because of his sense of honor and Duty. I wanted her to see how hopelessly Darcy loves his wife and children ( i know Darcy is not up for PDA). I am miffed on behalf of Elizabeth here. Darcy didn't push her away when she threw herself on to him.. why didn't he? Does he feel guilty for abandoning her? ( i dont think so)
Its just me i think... may be its because Juliette thought that Darcys love and passion was fleeting that didnt sit well with me!.
Its a testament to how well you have written each character that they almost appear real. That is one of the reasons i wanted Juliette put in her place. OR may be you did and i missed it?. English is not my first language so sometimes i miss subtle hints.
I would be glad if you can reply.

Thank you

Linda Berdoll said...


Sorry for taking so long to reply -my laptop has been in sick bay...

I appreciate your point on wanting a face-off with Juliette. I can see it happening. To my mind Darcy has conflicted feelings about Juliette. He feels a certain guilt over their long past relationship and - as a gentleman - can't quite bring himself to rebuke her. As for Juliette, I think she is like most of us in that she is inclined to put a spin on anything that causes her the least cost to her ego. She believes what she wants to believe because, at this point in her life, the truth is just too painful.

MTblondie - TRP now available through B&N!

Asha said...


Thank you for taking time to respond. I appreciate it.

I understand Darcy's behavior around Juliette. I wanted the faceoff only for Elizabeth's sake ( my own selfish desire!). My issue is that she didnt see any evidence against her imagination that Darcy's sense of honor and pride are the reason he rejected her offer. And darcy's last visit to her left me kind of feeling bad for Elizabeth. Since Darcy didnt make it clear that there is no place for her in his life. For some reason i dont think darcy would appreciate it if Elizabeth went to see he ex-lover no matter the situation or her own feelings about the ex-lover. That also makes me wonder whether Darcy had some kind of feelings for Juliette at some point?!.

I may sound like a crazy person for investing so much into fictional Characters. Its your fault in the way for making them so real. Also its not every day that one can interact with the author of your favorite books and understand what went on behind the seen.