Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It has been brought to my attention that a miscreant author, Lillian M has usurped another Jane Austen sequelist's title, a second author's cover, and invented a blog under my name in order to manipulate search engines to sell e-book erotica on Amazon.

I have not read any of Lillian's work, but if she must resort to such unscrupulous measures to peddle it then it must truly be of questionable merit. If anyone knows Lillian M, I know that several indignant authors would be interested in learning how to contact her. Thanks!

Email me about this or any subject at lberdoll@aol.com


Lilian M. said...

Miss Berdoll,

I am Lilian M, the author that you have wrongly identified as having appropriated your name to create a clandestine blog.

As a first time, self-published author only using the portal of Amazon, I had immediately contacted you two days ago, when Miss Reynolds had kindly made me aware that you might have some concerns regarding back-links purporting to be advertising my titles.
I have looked into the issue.
I am NOT the creator of the blog that has been causing you such consternation. I have since written to you and I have also reported this abuse of your rights to WordPress, the host of the blog.

Also, I have never created a blog until today, where I had done so in order to reply to your post.

As to the other issues raised regarding my titles, I know that there was some confusion that had arisen in respect to three of them, as they were attached to the series name "Pemberley Variations," which was similar to Miss Reynolds' "Pride and Prejudice Variations."
When it was brought to my attention, I instantly took action to respect Miss Reynolds, and have since been in contact with her as well.

As to my cover art, all of them are constructed from photographs taken of items in my garden, local scenery and personal albums and altered using simple fonts and the tools, Paint and Review; the only tools I have access too. However, I have since tried to make them more singular as well.

As a first time author, I have been working hard to navigate the waters of self-publishing, and I have been learning as I go. Since being made aware of these issues, I have done my utmost to answer all questions. Being all on your own and facing such allegations has been very hard but I hope that this clarifies some of the issues you have raised.


Linda Berdoll said...

While my only complaint with Lilian M is a fake blog using my name to publicize Lilian M's digitally published erotica, I am happy to inform her or anyone else that there really isn't much to do to "navigate the waters" of self-publishing e-books. You type out 5,000 words, post it on Amazon Kindle and you are good to go. Oh, yeah. Before you do that you make a search of current titles in your genre to make certain that the one you want to use is not already adorning another author's book. Same for cover art. You most certainly don't resort to under-handed search engine tricks to place your titles among those of more well-known authors and expect no one to notice or complain. There are many of us self-publishing, so Lilian is hardly "all on her own."

You have insisted that you are not behind the fake blog using my name. As it benefits only your newly-published erotica, I still find that difficult to believe. Regardless, I must assume that someone unbeknownst to you has masterminded this crafty publicity campaign on your behalf and I offer my most humble apologies.