Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For those readers who have read my books several times, do you recall if there was ever an encounter between Wickham and Juliette?

I was quoted (correctly) as saying that The Ruling Passion was to take us to the Darcy children's romances, say fifteen years into their future. As it stands now, that is highly unlikely. I am far too slow a writer (and can't seem to keep the Darcys out of bed long enough) to take them that far.

As my first book premised, marriage is not where romance ends, it is where life begins.

The ruling Passion, be it what it will
The ruling passion conquers reason still.

In England, late Regency was a dicey time for all classes. As much as Mr. Darcy would like to stay far from London, he cannot. Menace is afoot and misapprehensions abound, therefore The Ruling Passion will only take us another five years into their lives.

Thanks so much for your encouragement!

Linda Berdoll


merrymac12 said...

I've just finished re-reading the final page of Darcy & Elizabeth. I loved it (and Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife) just as much this time around.

I don't think Wickham ever encountered Juliette. Good thing for him, probably. It's still lovely leaving him with his well deserved injury, and the possibility that he might really have to live out his days as Thomas Reed.

jewely_pink said...

I am so glad you have chosen to only write 5 years in advance in the Darcys lives. Hopefully, that will meen there are many more books to come.