Sunday, August 31, 2008

UPDATE - Fandango

There is a tentative publication date of next summer for Fandango. With any luck, The Ruling Passion will soon follow.

Thank you for the birthday wishes - and (v. belatedly) I send one back to taintedtears2.

To Lou: Although foreign rights have been sold for Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife in several languages, the only one I know of in print is in Korean. I have a copy of that one. I ought to scan it and put it up because the cover is very different. It is of a dancing couple and a hot pink flap around the bottom with some writing on it. I would love to know what it says - and whether the text is abridged;) If I hear of others, I'll let you know.

Note to Mallard:
I have often stated that when it comes to Regency England, I am hardly an expert. No doubt my accuracy leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the use of titles, etc. However, I do take exception to several other of your points.

As to your assertion that the draft did not come about in England until early in the 20th century, I quote J. Christopher Herold, The Age of Napoleon, P. 252: "PM Addington's government called the entire nation to arms. The result was ludicrous. In the first place, the government defeated its own purpose by exempting all volunteers from the levee en masse. Before the end of 1803, 342,000 volunteers had enrolled. Now to be a volunteer, all a man had to do was to put on a uniform, join his local volunteer association, and do a bit of drilling; in every other way his life continued as usual." P. 253: "Men fit for service who did not volunteer were subject to universal conscription, which operated by lot;..."

On any number of occasions I took license with distances and the time it took to get there to forward the story. But when Darcy took Elizabeth to London after their wedding, it had nothing whatsoever, to do with an expeditious journey.

If, as you say, there were no wild turtles then or now in England, turtle soup must have been made from turtles harvested from the sea, or, dare we think it, raised on turtle farms. Let us, for argument's sake, presume that the turtle Mr. Darcy teased Elizabeth about was an escapee from either the farm or the cooking pot.

In vain I have searched for a book (pamphlet, memoir, magazine article) that details the flora and fauna of Regency England. You must know of one. Could you be so kind as to direct me?

Thanks for you input,
Linda Berdoll


mrs_magruder said...


As a recent inductee into the world of Jane Austen, all I can say is thank you for taking the leap of faith to create these stories. Having just finished P&P for the very first time less than one month ago, my mother gifted me with your two novels. Your stories are exactly what I had hoped the love affair of the Darcys to be. And imagine my genuine excitement to hear the installment #3 is so close at hand! The only thing I could be more excited for is to hear about the possibility of #4 or to hear that your books will be seen on the big screen. How delicious would it be to see Colin Firth in those love scenes??? Thank you again for sharing your gift and passion with the rest of us devotees!

H2O2MTNS said...

I have to agree with 'Recent Inductee' about our mutual unabaited excitement for books three and four and our strenous desire to have these magnificent books put on the big screen. However....I disagree with the choice of Colin Firth! He is too frumpy and outdated. To ditilate the fancy of all swooned by Mr. Darcy's charms, we need England's version of David Beckham in boots!! Ah yes, that's Lizzy's Darcy!!

The Other Mona Liza said...

I have read your first book, The Bar Sinister years ago and also purchased the second, Darcy and Elizabeth, in the series. I did enjoy both very much.

I was surprised to read on your website that the first one was self-published. Is that a path you would recommend to new un-published writers?

I know it must have been difficult penning a sequel to such a well know story. Since I am attempting something similar with another well-known book, I had wanted to inquire from someone who went through a similar path what options are out there for putting out a story sequel.

Mr. Marcella said...


I have finally found your own personal Blog. I have commented a few times on your blog and will post this there also. I am the 55 year old male Gary Marcella who is axiously waiting for the third addition to your wonderful Pride and Prejudice Sequels. I know your work is not done on a Production Line but when will it be published? Your work is great but I can't find "Fandango" anywhere. Where can I find that to read.

Thank you,

Gary Marcella

Rebecca said...

I just read Pride and Prejudice for the first time this year, at the age of thirty and am kicking myself that I survived three decades on the planet without knowing the Darcy's. I immediatly found your book and just finished reading the first volume. I absolutely loved it, could not put it down! As an aspiring writer, and lover of books, I have always continued my favorite books in my mind ever since I was a little girl. Your book made that a reality that I could share with others. Thanks so much. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment! I have ordered Darcy and Elizabeth and anxiously await its arrival!!

elf said...

I've read P&P so many times and get goosebumps at all the same points in the story. I've long wished that there was more to know about Elizabeth and Darcy and of course once i saw Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy there could be no other in my thoughts as i read your two books. WHOA is right! I had knots in my stomach, and swoons in my heart... THANK YOU!

elf said...

oh and Colin Firth is NOT Frumpy....yes he is more than 10 years older since last playing Darcy but since he probably would not reprise the role of Mr. Darcy anyway its nice to dream of him while reading the story.

sradams4 said...

Any news on when the third installment will be released?
Oh and Colin Firth ROCKS as Mr. Darcy. There can be no other.

KATERINA said...

Dear Linda, I am living in Athens, Greece and i am a big fan of J.A. and of course especially of P&P.
I Found out about your books and i ordered them from U.S. in English as you can anderstand, since there isnot a greek translation of them, YET. You are trully a very inspered person and i love your writing. Thanks KATERINA

JRC said...

I love your books - thank you so much for satisfying our need to know more about the Darcys! Please write one about Emma and Mr. Knightley - I'd love to read the "rest of the story" on them as well!

Butterfly114 said...

Oh my gosh it's coming into summer for you now!! which means that tentative date looms. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

missbluestocking said...


I can't wait to read your new book when it comes out! I read your self-published version of "Mr. Darcy takes a wife," which I devoured within a few days. I loved it. And imagine my wonder when, one day, I see my friends reading this very book published by Sourcebooks!!! many of my friends were reading this book of yours, introduced to it after studying 'Pride and Prejudice' in highschool for English class.

As an aspiring author, I found your change from being a self-published to a traditionally published author, to be fascinating. If you aren't too busy, do you suppose I could ask you a few interview questions to later post up on my blog? If you do have time, could you send me your reply at:

If not, I won't mind at all! :)


ashley said...

When can we expect an update on the progress of the next P & P book, can't wait to see what happens for Darcy and Lizzy!!

Pippa said...

Please let us know how publication is coming on your books - can get no information from Source Books and want to buy anything you write!

Thanks so much!

Pippa Griffin

Jeff said...
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Deirdre Ruvolo-Walker said...

I love your books. I have both in bound version and the first one I also bought on cd, which I love and have listened to over and over. i am desparate to find out where to get the 2nd one on cd....pleaselease tell me it is recorded.......Sincerely a devoted

Valerie L. said...

I had never read any of Jane Austen's novels until after I read Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. I loved both of your novels so much that I went on to read all of Jane Austen's novels and it made me wonder if you might ever consider a sequel to Emma which is my favorite Jane Austen book. I also just read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and that would be a great book to write a sequel to as well. I can't wait for your next book!

Debra said...


As one who rereads Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice almost once every other year, I wanted to let you know that your books have also fallen into that category as well. I have recommended Mr. Dacry Takes a Wife as well as Dary and Elizabeth to all my friends who share a passion for Pride & Prejudice. I also own the PBS mini series and agree with you...nobody make a better Mr. Darcy and Eliza Bennett than Colin Firth ans Jennifer Ehle. Can not wait to read the third book!